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Aired: Nov 19, 2013 , at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: America will vote to eliminate two artists from each team and the remaining 8 will move on to the next phase of the competition.
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The Top 8 Revealed

Tonight, The Voice will send two more singers packing as the top 10 becomes the top 8. We'll also see Blake and Christina perform with their respective teams.I predicted that Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux will make up the bottom three, and I'm hoping that Will gets the save. If this is the case, The Voice results haven't been all too surprising. Without anyone cracking the iTunes top 10, I'm ready for a surprise -- like, say, Jacquie Lee in the bottom three. Even if that were to... more



'The Voice' Recap: Night 4 of the Battle Rounds

We're up to night four of the Battle Rounds in season 7 of The Voice. For the next hour, we'll be watching the artists battle it out for the coaches' love and affection. They've actually really been surprising me on some of them so far, though. I think the hardest battles to judge are when the coaches pit two artists who have completely different styles against each other. For example, I thought that the battle between Menlik and Troy was a particularly hard performance to... more

'The Voice' Live Blog: Night 3 of the Battle Rounds Begins

Tonight we're in for another two hours of torture and bliss as night 3 of The Voice Battle Rounds begins. Bliss is the only way I know how to describe the experience of watching some of greatest artists of all time coach the up-and-comers, and then to see the amazing performances of the tutored battling team. Whew. Of course, the torture is the emotional angst we go through as we watch the coaches squirm and shake their heads as they try to figure out how to choose between two extraordinarily... more

'The Voice' Recap: It's Adam vs. Pharrell in the Battle Rounds Night 2

And we're back! We're up to night two of the Battle Rounds for  The Voice season 7. The coaches and their famous advisers will continue to pair their singers up. Who will stay? Who will go? And who will get stolen away? The coaches are going to be very careful with their steals, though. You have to be really special to get stolen. The battle is on.   Jordy Searcy and Taylor Phelan Perform "Breakeven" Pharrell feels that more


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