The Tomorrow People

Aired: Feb 26, 2014 , Monday at 21:00 on CW


Episode Summary: Stephen tries to restore order in both worlds after receiving some shocking news and making a deal with Jedikiah. When tracking a new breakout from Ultra, Cara and Russell are faced with a trap. Jedikiah has new technology that he is keeping a secret as it gets closer to changing his future.
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The Ultimate Killing Machine

Oh, where do I begin talking about this episode? The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 14 had so much good stuff in it, I feel like a kid in a candy store trying to decide which aisle to go down first so I can start snarfing on all the yummy treats. First off, can I just say how happy I am that the whole rivalry between Stephen and John has been dropped in favor of a friendship full of trust? Stephen going to the lair and reading Cara the riot act for kicking John out was great. more

Brotherly Love Comes in All Forms

Back after a few weeks, I have to admit I was pumped to see what mom would be doing now that she's shown Stephen she has powers. However, I was disappointed that all she wanted to do was run, and never really explained how or why. On the upside though, we learn more about Stephen's father and why Jedikiah is fascinated with a breakout who turns out to be a twin with a human brother.Trying to RunAfter the shootout at the café, mom rushes or rather teleports home and tells ... more



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With 24 new network shows airing in Fall 2014, from dramas to comedies to a reality show, viewers will have plenty to choose from. But which ones are worth your time? Yesterday I made my picks for what shows will be the first to get cancelled , but now it's time to look at the ones I think will succeed. In 2012, I correctly picked four out of five that got renewed for second seasons. Last year I only got three right, incorrectly believing that the CW's ... more

Firestorm to Appear on 'The Flash'

The CW and executive producer Greg Berlanti have announced that Robbie Amell will portray the comic book superhero Firestorm in the third episode of 'The Flash' . In the comics, Ronnie Raymond gains nuclear powers after exposure to an exploding nuclear reactor. In 'The Flash' , Ronnie is the fiancé of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist and Fl... more

CW Still Wants to Develop a 'Supernatural' Spin-Off, Defends Dropping 'Tomorrow People'

'Bloodlines' may not have been granted a series order, but that doesn't mean The CW isn't still interested in bringing a 'Supernatural' spin-off to the small screen.The CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters on Thursday that they're planning on going back to the drawing board for an offshoot idea and willseek to develop a new concept for next year’s pilot season. "We believe there is... more


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