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Episode Summary: Another castaway is voted out of the game.
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Never Go Down Without a Fight

Hayden is obviously none too happy that he and Caleb's plan to blindside Ciera last week did not go as planned. And to show his displeasure, he tells everyone back at camp that he hopes they all like coming in second place, because no one can beat Tyson if he gets to the end. "Now if Gervase had half a brain in his head, he'd pipe down and let Tyson take all of the heat. But no, he's eager to prove how "in control" he is, and how Tyson would never have made it this far without him. Geeze. Tyson d... more



'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Touring the Temptation Tent

On this episode of The Biggest Loser, the contestants will face temptations! Also, Scott will talk about his feelings. But first, let's see Bob surprise Matt at Comeback Canyon! I'll admit, I can never get tired of Bob happily announcing "this is my house here." Does Bob sleep, eat, and shower at Comeback Canyon? Does he get his mail delivered there? Matt is amped that Mike will be his competitor, since as we all k... more

'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' Recap: Never Ever Throw a Challenge

Last week on Survivor, former baseball player John Rocker was voted out with an idol in his pocket. He may have been the most controversial person on either tribe, but I'm sure the rest of the season won't lack for drama. After Tribal Council, Dale realizes that now that John's gone, he's on the outs. He admits that he probably got too comfortable in the five guy alliance and he needs to work harder to build up his social game now. Over at Hunahpu, Natalie finds the flint that they lost early on in the f... more

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Who Gets a Painful Injury?

This season of The Amazing Race has been very entertaining. There have been challenges involving pancakes and jumping off a cliff into the ocean. (And yes, the pancake one was my favorite.) Phil Keoghan also introduced The Save, which was won by Misti and Jim Raman, the married dentists with the incredibly dazzling smiles. If they come in last on an elimination leg of the race, they can turn in The Save and keep on racing. Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, the married surfers, won the Express P... more


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