Aired: Mar 16, 1995 , at 12:00 on NBC


Episode Summary: Elaine meets a man at the gym that she really wants to date and ends up talking to "the Jimmy", a man that refers to himself in the third person. Jerry goes to the dentist for some dental work and when he comes to, he sees the dentist and his assistant getting dressed, leading Jerry to wonder if he was violated while he was under. Meanwhile, Kramer is mist more
...aken for a mentally handicapped man.
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'Mistresses' Recap: Cupid Shuns Savi, Karen and April

Mistresses' third episode of the second season, "Open House," affirms what we dedicated viewers already knew: This show is one big saucy, juicy, hot mess of delicious entertainment. In a very good way, am I right ladies? Hot damn. Within the confinements of a 60-minute time frame, we were dragged through numerous shocks to the system, a couple of ah hah moments and finally left with a great feel-good moment between April and Lucy. Yes, dragged. Why? Because we did not want that clock to advance. The saucy goodness went on and on and co... more

'Undateable' Review: An Uninspired First Impression

With a few exceptions, good and successful comedy series are, if not dead, on life support. NBC is hoping to revive its anemic comic line up with the new multi-camera series Undateable. The show follows the antics of a group of friends, and their lackluster romantic lives. Undateable's cast features primarily young stand-up comics known mostly to their fans and nobody else. Leading man Danny (Chis D'... more

5 of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

May is a big month for television. New shows are announced and old shows (along with some new ones) are canceled, while others enjoy their season finales (which are most likely huge, nail-biting-how-can-we-possibly-wait-until-the-fall cliffhangers). And, if a series is lucky enough to have been on the air for more than a handful of seasons, there is the much-anticipated series finale before it rides off into the ol’ syndication sunset. Because we’ve invested so much time into a series, when it finally does bid adieu, we expect to be satisfie... more


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