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Homeowners must decide how far they are willing to go for their dream home.For whatever reason, the home they purchased years ago no longer suits their needs. Now they are faced with the difficult question; whether they should stay or not. In each episode, homeowners contend with the stress of major renovations while being tempted by beautiful new real estate. The two hosts, re more
...altor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr, each have their own ideas about the best solution to this major decision and battle it out for the homeowners allegiance. David wants the homeowner to go and start seeing other houses, while Hilary wants them to stay and invest in renovating their place to make it suit their current needs. Hilary confronts the problematic areas of their existing home and produces remarkable results in her makeover renovations. David lines up multiple viewings of new homes to tempt them away. The competition between the two is hot and fiery. Question is - will they Love It enough to stay or is it time to List It?
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Love It or List It: SEASON 7, EPISODE 3: Karine and Daphna | BTVGuide

Aired: September 22,2014

Life was different 12 years ago when sisters Karine and Daphna first bought this 1600 square foot, suburban townhouse. But less than a year ago, after living separately for several years, their living arrangement changed once again. Karine is optimistic the familiar home can be a place of solace for her son James and their unique family arrangement... more

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Jesus Christ, Kathy!!!!!

I cannot believe what an unhappy, whiney, ungrateful, wretched woman Kathy is. The way she behaved on international television is dutterly disgraceful. I feel sorry for Mike and his kids. The reason they are living at home when they are nearly 30 years old can only be that putting up with a woman like that for so long must have really screwed them up beyond repair. Mike, grow a pair!! It isn't too late for a divorce!! Just stick her in the asbestos amttic and let her rot! more



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