Geordie Shore

Aired: Jul 23, 2013 , Tuesday at 22:00 on MTV

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Live - Celebrity Big Brother Launch Night! #CBB

Tonight we have live coverage of the launch of this Summer's 'Celebrity Big Brother' as we find out if any of the rumoured celebrities will be entering the infamous house. 9.05pm Emma welcomes us to the live launch show and introduces the first celebrity housemate - White Dee from 'Benefits Street' . 9.10pm Emma reveals White Dee will be part of... more

'Geordie Shore' renewed for sixth series

'Geordie Shore' has been renewed for a sixth series. It will explore the further antics of the of the nine young Brits from Newcastle as they explore Australia.The fifth season has only just started but plans are now in place for the sixth season to be filmed in Australia. The next series is expected to be aired in the UK in summer. The cast are reportedly to be heading out immediately.An official press release read: “Will the Aussies embrace their mortal ways and languid lingo? Will the red hot sun finally ignite passions between Charlotte ... more


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