Aired: Apr 18, 2014 , Weekdays at 19:30 on BBC one

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Episode Summary: Lucy finds her world crashing down around her after she is caught out. Whitney is upset after Lauren tells her what has been going on. Denise is unable to hide her true feelings any longer and makes a huge decision.
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EastEnders Cast Maria Friedman as Elaine Peacock, Linda Carter's Mother

Maria Friedman will be guest starring in 'EastEnders' later this month as Linda Carter’s ( Kellie Bright ) mother, Elaine Peacock. Her character is described as a larger than life personality, a glamorous Landlady, who loves to be the centre of attention. She is said to have successfully run her own pub for a number of years. The relationship between ... more

EastEnders Actor John Bardon Has Died Aged 75

'EastEnders' star John Bardon has died at the age of 75. The actor is best known for playing Jim Branning on 'EastEnders' and passed away at his home after a period of illness. He left the soap in 2007, as he struggled to recover, after suffering from a stroke. He made a few recurring appearances since, but left the show in 2011, as he had never f... more

EastEnders Previews Up Coming Storylines With New Explosive Trailer

'EastEnders' has released a brand-new trailer for exciting drama for September storylines. The new trailer can be viewed below. The trailer previews Alfie and Kat's house fire that is set to leave horrific after effects to many of the Walford residents. The build up between Sharon and Phil's autumn wedding and the return of two Mitchells, Ronnie and Ben. The plots are set to take centre stage over the four weeks. more


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