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Aired: Apr 16, 2014 , Tuesday at 20:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: The Top finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America's vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat
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Top 7 Pick Songs for Each Other

American Idol season 13 may not have the best singers, but it has the most interesting themes. This week brings yet another brilliant twist, one that could be full of sabotage (but, sadly, not the Beasties Boys song). "The theme for the Top 7 is Competitors' Choice. Every contestant picks a song for every other contestant to sing, and then the singers get to choose which of those six options they want to perform. It will be curious to see what the contestants think of each other, and whose suggestions ... more



'America's Got Talent' Finale LIVE Blog: No Losers in AGT-ville

That magical night has finally arrived when we will crown the Season 9 winner of America's Got Talent, and if the race were any tighter, Juan Carlos would wear during in his next rollerskating performance. Any predictions I could offer would be like pulling a name out of Mat Franco's hat, which would promptly change into a bunny rabbit that knew what card I was holding. It's impossible to say with certainty what will or even should happen in a competition closer than ... more

'American Idol' vs. 'X Factor' vs. 'Rising Star': Who Sang 'Billie Jean' Better?

There are certain artists that are hard to cover because, well, how can you live up to the original? Take Michael Jackson, for instance. Many of his songs are considered classics. But what happens when you change up the arrangement completely and manage to make people forget that it's a Michael Jackson song? That's where today's Music Battle comes into play. Everyone knows "Billie Jean." But Chris Cornell included a completely brand-new rendition on his 2007 album. And it looks like that is the version that has become standard on singing com... more

'Rising Star' Recap: Who Advances to the Finals?

It's a slow, very drawn-out night of Rising Star, and it just feels like we're limping toward the finale, aren't we? This week, the experts' votes will count for only 1%, which means that America's votes are better than ever. Was this already in the works or did Kesha's "Vote everyone in!" tactic make the producers want to shake things up? There's a nice bit in the beginning with Josh Groban participating in the social media ice bucket challenge be... more


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