'NCIS' Recap: Gibbs Reconnects with His Dad

'NCIS' Recap: Gibbs Reconnects with His Dad

NCIS brought back Special Agent Abigail Borlin (Diane Neal) last week when the team worked with the Coast Guard on a case. The team also suffered pranks at the hands of an unknown Halloween prankster. Perhaps Gibbs was behind the Halloween tricks?

This week's episode of NCIS, titled "Better Angels," finds Gibbs leaving the team mid-case to help his father.

Jackson in Jail

The show opens with the team investigating the murder of Marine Sergeant Michael Dawson, who was shot and killed during a robbery in a men's store. Gibbs takes a phone call from the Howard County Police Department. It seems that Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite) is in custody. Gibbs leaves Tony and McGee to assist his father. Tony theorizes that Gibbs' father was busted for either trying to buy an exotic pet or spending time with a prostitute.

on's toxicology results are clean.
Abby also figures out that Dawson was recruited because he spoke Jalaa, a nearly extinct language in Nigeria. Abby finds out from Delilah at the DOD that a terror cell was using Jalaa, and Dawson was breaking their code. 

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Where is Walter Beck?

When Gibbs finds out that the DCS is hiding something about Dawson's death, he wants to head back to NCIS. Jackson finds out that his friend was taken away by ambulance that morning. When Gibbs refuses his dad's request to find Beck, his father demands to go home.
Back at the diner, Gibbs meets up with Tony and McGee and orders them to go to the DCS and read their report.

How to Be a Good Son

McGee has been researching Walter Beck for Gibbs, and there is no record of Beck being at any hospitals or morgues. There is also no record of anyone named Beck serving with Jackson. At the morgue, Gibbs and Ducky discuss how painful it is to watch a parent age. Gibbs doesn't know how to handle the fact that his father has lied about important things. Ducky urges him to keep trying to talk with his dad.

When Gibbs tells Jackson that he knows there was no Walter Beck in his squadron, Jackson once again visits the past. He tells his son that Walter was German, and that he moved here after the war. Gibbs is furious that his father never mentioned that Beck was German, and Jackson points out that even though they were enemies, they were both pilots, and brothers. Beck wants to see the one man he saved instead of the many that he killed.

A Different Motive

Dawson was able to break the terrorist's Jalaa code and stop at least two possible terrorist attacks. So the DCS has no motive for wanting Dawson dead. The team realizes that only one person ever called Dawson at work besides his mother, and that man is Aaron Connolly. He got a DUI while driving the same model SUV that was following Dawson.

When they go to Connolly's apartment, he attacks McGee. Dawson was Connolly's sponsor, and when Connolly showed up to see Dawson while on drugs, Dawson went off to confront the dealer, who just happens to own the clothing store. McGee and Tony find heroin at the clothing store along with the murder weapon. They cart away the criminal. So long, Mr. Spiffy!

The Blue Sky

Abby is able to decipher some clues in Beck's letter and realizes that he was taken to the Blue Sky Hospice. She gives Gibbs the magical box of his sayings to give to his dad. Gibbs asks his father to move in with him, but the elder Gibbs refuses.

Finally, the war buddies are reunited, and Jackson tells Beck that by saving his life, he made his son, and all the good work that Jethro does, possible. Jackson and Gibbs share an emotional moment when the father calls his son "the best person I know." This NCIS episode is very moving and memorable.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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