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Summary: The Big Bang Theory is a comedy series about four young scientists who know all about the world of physics, and one girl, who gives the physics world a real spin. Leonard Hofstadter is a smart guy who tries his best to complete his research and become famous for his work while also attempting to be the most socially-interacting guy in their friend group. Sheldon Cooper is one of the world’s smartest men with an intellectual capacity through the roof and a language with scientific words normal people only have one comment to (“What?”). Though it’s never been said by himself, all signs throughout the show point to him having the Asperger Syndrome, making him the smartest, but also least social, group member. Howard Wolowitz is an engineer with his mind partially on science, but mostly on women. He always tries his best to impress a girl and get his share of sexual intercourses, but he always manages to screw up somehow, probably with his bad knowledge of treating women in a bad matter. Rajesh Koothrappali is an Indian scientist performing experiments on black holes, outer space, life on other planets and not to mention string theory. Raj is mostly known for his Selective Mutism, in other words, his fear of speaking to women, making social interaction difficult for him. Finally, there’s Penny. Penny is the gorgeous girl next-door to Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, and though she does not have any knowledge in physics or science, she makes success by being a funny character frequently having hilarious comments and on- and off-going relationships. All together, this unit of comedians make the show’s half-hour episodes pure enjoyment and whether you like physics, women or neither, this show is surely going to get you laughing! more less
The Big Bang Theory: SEASON 7, EPISODE 21: The Anything Can Happen Recurrence | BTVGuide

SEASON 7, EPISODE 21: The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

Aired: April 24,2014

When Sheldon tries to be spontaneous, it leads to unexpected friction between Penny, Amy and Bernadette. Meanwhile, Raj seeks Howard's help in preparing for a date with Emily.... more

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Froot Loops Becomes Clogzilla

Clogzilla! Out of context that nickname doesn't seem that bad. In context,  it's very embarrassing. Poor Howard! He gets some of the worst nicknames. He was an astronaut called Froot Loops! And, now he has to live with Clogzilla at least for a few weeks. Sheldon was right, that's not gonna pass. The Big Bang Theory Photos from "The Relationship Diremption" Open Slidesh... more

Bikini Penny, Adorable Raj and Indecisive Sheldon

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Sheldon, Raj and Penny are all faced with important-to-them choices on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19. Their quandaries provided the set up for the funniest episode of the year.  The Big Bang Theory Photos: "The Indecision Amalgamation" Open Slideshow 1. Sheldon Shops for New Gaming System Sheldon goes to the store to purchase... more

Mommy Issues

Sorry, Raj. A murder mystery party is only as good as the participants are enthusiastic. And sorry, writers. The murder mystery party was not nearly as funny as all of Sheldon's one-liners. The dinner was a big bust for all! The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 18 was half a hit and half a miss, though what worked successfully overshadowed everything that didn't. The Big Bang Theory Photos from "The Mommy Observation" more



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'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Spy Shack Baby

Last week on Survivor, Tony cemented his alpha status by blindsiding his ally, L.J., before he got the chance to blindside him (even though it wasn't even on L.J.'s radar; I guess that's why it's a blindside). Let's see if his decision completely breaks up his old alliance and puts him in jeopardy, or if it puts him in a favorable position in with a new one. After Tribal Council, Jefra and Trish want to know who voted for L.J. Tony and Woo immediately cop to flipping. Jefra is confused and now thinks that she's on t... more

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This 'Normal Heart' Trailer Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

We all knew Ryan Murphy'sHBO’s adaptation of Larry Kramer’s Tony Award-winning play 'The Normal Heart' was bound to tug at our heartstrings. And nothing proves that point better than its veryfirst full-length preview, which is just as star-studded as it is emotionally gut wrenching. For those of you unfamiliar with the plot premise, the film willfocus on the rise of the HIV-AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and the many struggles faced by the gay community during that ... more

The Big Bang Theory: 'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Blindside or Be Blindsided News | BTVGuide

'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Blindside or Be Blindsided

Last week on Survivor, after a mad treasure hunt resulting in Spencer finding a (normal) hidden immunity idol, Kass decided to stay the course and vote out Morgan instead of physical threat and wildcard, Tony. Let's see how her decision affects the game moving forward. When they get back to camp after Tribal Council, Tony throws a bit of a tantrum about his name constantly being written down. He asks Spencer why he thinks it's a compliment that their alliance keeps voting for him and Spencer tells him it's because they consider... more


The Big Bang Theory FAN COMMENTS (12)

  • Level 26
    loved it since the beginning


  • Level 5
    love it


  • Level 1
    Best Show in years.


  • Level 1
    First 3 seasons are awesome, after that is goes downhill....Its more like the Amy and Bernadette show....


  • Level 1
    I mean the episodes are too short and the waiting is WAY too long. Grammar check.


  • Level 1
    Also the episodes too soon and the waiting is just way way WAY too long. Just saying make the episodes come quicker now really.


  • Level 1
    I like watch series online for free better than btvguide but I know that they need to do it for legal reasons.


  • Level 10
    There are just way too many season breaks TV right now! I think this is the third season break in 2013!?


  • Level 1
    Amy and Bernadette have stolen the show, I really want to see Sheldon and Amy marry first before Penny and Leonard or Amy move in with Penny and Raj to eventually get over his fear talking to girls except his Mother and Sister.


  • Level 1
    Awesome show more episodes please this is awesome!!!!!!! And it's Friday!!!!!!!!


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