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Aired: Mar 14, 2013, Tuesday at 22:00 on CBS

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Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 18 | BTVGuide


Person of Interest


Season 2


Episode 18 - "All In"

The new Number is an old man, Lou Mitchell, who blows thousands of dollars each week while gambling at a New Jersey casino. While Finch and Reese try to work out how Lou does it, and why he's in danger, Carter helps a fellow detective framed by HR.



Casino Reese

Finch knows that winning big means betting big, and it's still clear that Person of Interest is worth betting on. "All In" divided the episode into two stories, allowing Reese, Finch and Leon to worry about a former card shark going up against a casino boss, while Carter was digging her way into the conspiracy that is the rebuilding corrupt police force known as HR. I'm a huge fan of Leon and love how the show continuously has his number come up for Reese to swoop in and save him. ... more

All In

Leon is in an apartment with a young woman, Candi, throwing him on the bed and kissing him. She takes out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs him to the bedframe. As soon as he's secured, a Nigerian and his henchman come in and demand their money. Candi collects her money for turning Leon in and walks out. As the Nigerian prepares to cut out Leon's intestines, Leon warns him that they should leave while they can. Reese and Bear burst in and Reese makes short work of the Nigerians. He tells Finch that he's saved Leon, who... more



Primetime Ratings, Tuesday, 4/15/14

NBC and CBS once again split the Tuesday victory. 'The Voice' climbed up a single tenth to a 3.0 to begin the Peacock's night. Conversely, 'About A Boy' rebounded after last week's small drop, rising one tenth to a 1.8. 'Growing Up Fisher' matched last week's 1.5, and is still in no real danger from the ax. Unfortunately, more

'Person of Interest' Recap: Morality Bites

This week's Person of Interest, "Death Benefit," picks up from the events of the last episode. The budget info on Northern Lights has leaked, and the media is having a field day with it. Shaw and Reese aren't too concerned, because they're still getting numbers and thus still get to beat people up, but they do wonder what's happening to the relevant numbers now that the government has been forced to stop taking them. Turns out they're going to Root, who can apparently... more

Primetime Ratings, Tuesday, 4/1/14

CBS once again won Tuesday in all measures. 'NCIS' dropped a tenth to a 2.4 to start things off. 'NCIS: LA' matched last week's 2.4, in one of the rare instances where 'LA' has come close to overtaking its progenitor. 'Person of Interest' held up well after last week's big three tenths jump, dipping only a single tenth to a 1.9. Over on the Peacock, more




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