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Aired: Dec 05, 2013, Thursday at 21:00 on ABC

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 11 | BTVGuide


Grey's Anatomy


Season 10


Episode 11 - "Man on the Moon"

April’s sisters arrive to help celebrate April’s upcoming nuptials and quickly get on her nerves. Matthew and Jackson are forced to work together when they witness a terrible accident. Callie and Arizona work hard to reestablish their relationship and Cristina is pressured to live stream an upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to the hospital.


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Don't Call Me Duckie

Like many loyal fans, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since the very beginning. However, I've never really been able to truly relate like the way I did to Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 11. I felt like April's storyline was kind of sort of mirroring my own. Like "Duckie," I also have three sisters who recently visited and threw me a bridal shower. While most of the gifts I received were directly from my registry, I thought it was hilarious that April received a parti... more

Man on the Moon

All of the doctors are making massive strides in medicine in almost every department. Callie and Derek are moving forward with their brain censor research; Meredith and Stephanie are about to implant a portal vein into a sheep; and Cristina and Shane are gearing up to finally put the 3D printer conduit into a baby. However, things aren’t quite so great on the social front for some people since Callie and Arizona continue to fight and just generally be awkward around each other. Cristina and Shane, on the... more

Changing The Face Of Medicine

Let's get the worst of this out of the way right now. In the opening minutes of "Man on the Moon" the question of whether Cristina and Shane would become a 'thing' was answered. Cristina and Shane. Cristina and SHANE. Cristina Yang (Badass Cardio Goddess) and Shane (Baby Seal Turned Arrogant Resident Haunted By Mousy's Death) Ross. For real? Because, in a nutshell, Cristina cavorting in an on-call room with Shane is a metaphor for all that is seriously messed up about Grey's Anatomy Season Ten. Wrong. Just a... more



'Grey's Anatomy' Actress Tessa Ferrer Joins the Cast of 'Extant'

Tessa Ferrer is the latest actress to join the CBS summer series Extant. According to, she will be playing recurring character Katie Sparks, "an athletic and intelligent astronaut who is forced to make a terrifying decision when faced with unimaginable horror."  The 28-year old actress currently plays Dr. Leah Murphy on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. She joined the medical drama in a recurring capacity in season 9 and was promoted to series regular as of sea... more

Primetime Ratings, Thursday, 4/10/14

CBS and ABC split the Thursday victory. In a mild shocker, 'The Big Bang Theory' dropped two tenths to a 4.7, setting a new season low for the most popular comedy on television. 'The Millers' followed that by dipping three tenths to a 2.5. 'Two and a Half Men' dipped a tenth as well, posting a 2.4. more

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Cheers to Cristina Yang!!!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That, my friends, is the ominous sound of what I like to call The Cristina Yang Countdown. There are only six more episodes of Grey's Anatomy left this season (including this week's "I'm Winning") which means there are only six more episodes of Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang. Speaking as a Cristina fan from the very beginning (and a Crowen fan from their very beginning in 501/502, "Dream a Litt... more


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