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Aired: Feb 18, 2013, Monday at 22:00 on ABC

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Castle Season 5 Episode 15 | BTVGuide




Season 5


Episode 15 - "Target (1)"

In the first half of a two-part story arc, Castle and Beckett find themselves in a race against time when they unearth a plot to kidnap Sarah el-Masri, the daughter of a powerful foreign dignitary. The stakes are raised when they learn that Alexis was also kidnapped, and every lead they follow ends with the discovery of another dead body.


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The Dark Side of Rick

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the Castle writers give us an extra present. The time of year when they push out a two-part episode that is filled with tension, adrenaline and something that always hits close to home. The best part about these episodes? They never fail. Time to talk “Target," BTVGuides. The Castle Season 5 two-parter kicked off with the kidnapping of Alexis and her friend. Turns out Alexis was in ... more

Where in the World is Alexis?

This week on Castle, Alexis is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up kidnapped. This leaves our team working against the clock to try and bring Alexis home. But as the last few minutes of the episode convey, bringing Alexis home safely is going to end up being an international affair."Maybe they should tap in Liam Neeson? He's sort of the expert when it comes to kidnapped family members. Castle loves playing up its film and television homages, whether it's reality shows or... more



EXCLUSIVE: Michael Mosley Talks ‘Sirens’ and Playing a Villain on ‘Castle'

He’s played a pilot in the ‘60s. He portrays a killer every now and again on a hit ABC drama. Now, he showcases his funny and lifesaving side on a new USA comedy from Denis Leary and Bob Fisher. Yes, I’m talking about Michael Mosley from ‘Sirens,’ where he struts his stuff as EMT Johnny Farrell. When he isn’t saving lives, he’s busy pranking the new rookie with his best friend, Hank (Kevin Daniels), and figuring out his love life with Theresa (Jessic... more

Casting Bits: 'Glee's' Chris Colfer on 'Cleveland,' 'HIMYM' Star and Samuel L. Jackson Return to 'SHIELD' and More

In our latest Casting Bits roundup, we've got a lot of big names about to guest star on our favorite shows. For one, there's Glee star Chris Colfer heading to Hot in Cleveland. And then there's Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson who are both reprising their Marvel roles on more

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Looks like someone is preparing to trade in their life of Scandal for a set of medical scrubs.TVLine exclusively reports that Kelly McCreary has just signed up to guest star in yet anotherShondaland series. The actress – who was last seen in a recurring role on 'Scandal' as Harrison’s passport-forging friend, Clare, before meeting her untimely de... more


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