The Voice: Night 3 of the Bat...
Season 7, Episode 9: " The Battles, Part 3 "

Tonight, we're in for another two hours of torture and bliss on night three of the Battle Rounds on The Voice season 7. Bliss is the only way I know how to describe the experience of watching some of greatest artist... more

Sleepy Hollow: What is the Weepin...
Season 2, Episode 5: " The Weeping Lady "

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jealousy is as common a motive as greed, and in the fifth episode of Sleepy Hollow season 2, "The Weeping Lady," Ichabod finds out that the latest terror to hit the town comes... more

The Originals: Esther's Plan for ...
Season 2, Episode 3: " Every Mother's Son "

In this week's episode of The Originals, "Every Mother's Son," Esther arranges to have dinner with Klaus and Elijah. Vincent's true identity is exposed. Elijah turns to a witch for help. And Esther makes Haley an of... more

Gotham: Maroni Discovers O...
Season 1, Episode 5: " Viper "

In last week's episode of Gotham, Gordon got an unwelcome helping hand from Oswald, who worked his way up the ranks of Maroni's organization. Meanwhile, Fish hired a new employee to help her with her mission to brin... more

Castle: Castle's Immaturit...
Season 7, Episode 4: " Child’s Play "

As you may or may not recall, there was a minor storyline recently on Castle in which Castle was kidnapped, went missing for two months and then returned with self-induced amnesia. Turns out this is the kind of thin... more





Faking It

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About A Boy

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Marry Me

Episode 2, Season 1

Chicago Fire

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Person of Interest

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Sons of Anarchy

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The Flash

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Once Upon a Time: 5 More Lands We Want to Visit on 'Once Upon a Time'

Once Upon a Time has already taken us to the Enchanted Forest of old and new and Neverland. We've seen glimpses of Oz and now Arendelle. We've heard the stories of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood. So are there any lands and legends left unturned that Once Upon a Time can visit (or even revisit)? Here are five suggestions that would make good half seasons stories for our fairy tale heroes. Narnia While it's a little too soon after Frozen for Once Upon a Time to ... more

The Syndicate (UK): Lenny Henry, Anthony Andrews & Elizabeth Berrington Lead Cas...

Anthony Andrews , Lenny Henry and Elizabeth Berrington will lead the all-star cast for the third series of 'The Syndicate' . The series come from the BAFTA award-winning writer Kay Mellor who has created such shows as 'Band Of Gold' , 'Fat Friends' , 'A Passionate Woman' and most recently, 'In The Club' . Lenny Henry says: “I'm delighted to be filming series 3 of The Syndicate – I've been a big fan of Kay Mellor 's since Band Of Gold and Playing the... more

BBC one announce new World War Drama, The Passing Bells

BBC one have revealed a brand new powerful five piece drama 'The Passing Bells', which will see the conflict of the First World War unfold through the eyes of two young men. The series is part of the BBC's programming marking the centenary of WW1. Paddy Gibson and Jack Lowden play the lead roles Thomas and Michael, two men for whom the war has no mercy. The story follows them over five years, as they grow older, lose comrades and find love amidst the horrors of the war. The cast will also incl... more

Downton Abbey: Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher, Naomi Campbell, Paul O'Grady And ...

Anybody who is a fan of 'Gogglebox' will be more than familiar with the faces of boozy B&B owners, Steph and Dom, or the adorable and often hilarious married pensioners Leon and June. On this Friday’s show however will feature some bigger famous faces. Joining the show for a special one-off episode will be supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as well as Oasis front-man Noel Gallagher . The trio are joining ‘Gogglebox: Celebrity Special’ in aid of this Friday's charity telethon appeal... more

24 Hours in A&E: 24 Hours in A&E Returns To Channel 4

Channel 4's award-winning documentary series, '24 Hours in A&E' will return at the end of the month in a new eight-part series at a new hospital. After six series and over seventy episodes at King's College Hospital in south London, the new series will now be filmed at a new hospital, St. George's Hospital south west London. There department is one of the most advanced and busiest in the world. '24 Hours in A&E' will return to Channel 4 on Thursday 30th October at 9:00pm.... more





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NCIS: Los Angeles

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