Big Brother: Crash Into You
Season 1, Episode 4: " BB1 Ep #4 "

  • The Week 2 Eviction
    Are you ready for a crazy night of Big Brother 16? It's only the second live ...
  • Bye Bye, Love
    There are no more saves on American Idol so things just got really real f...

If you are watching a television show about teens, chances are there's going to be a big house party episode in the first season. One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 4 was just that.  After showing that... more

Under the Dome: What's 1821?
Season 2, Episode 5: " Reconciliation "

Another hour and it's the same ole same ole on Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 5. Okay, that's not entirely true, but for the most part the episode covered the same struggles that we've seen before and ended... more

Under the Dome: Reconciliation
Season 2, Episode 5: " Reconciliation "

Melanie wakes up to find Joe and Norrie looking at her. They say that she was moaning in her sleep, and Melanie says that she needs to find Sam and figure out what happened on the night she died. Joe reminds her tha... more

Under the Dome: What's in the Lock...
Season 2, Episode 5: " Reconciliation "

The more and more I want to like Sam, the more and more I believe he could possibly be behind the dome. In this week's Under the Dome, Sam manipulates Junior/James to get info about the dome and the mini-dome. Meanw... more

The Fosters: Brandon Reveals Hi...
Season 2, Episode 7: " The Longest Day "

In last week's episode, the Fosters experienced a tragedy when Lena lost the baby, Callie got Jude to talk again, Stef sold that horrible bed and everyone planted a tree in baby Frankie's memory.In this week's episo... more





Pretty Little Liar

Episode 8, Season 5

True Blood

Episode 6, Season 7


Episode 7, Season 3

Chasing Life

Episode 8, Season 1

Rizzoli & Isles

Episode 7, Season 5


Royal Pains

Episode 8, Season 6

Geordie Shore

Episode 2, Season 8

Covert Affairs

Episode 6, Season 5


Episode 6, Season 1

Drunk History

Episode 5, Season 2



24: '24' at Comic-Con 2014: Issues with Shooting in London, An A...

Jack is back! Kiefer Sutherland appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with Director Jon Cassar for a panel to promote the DVD release of 24: Live Another Day. The panel opened with a montage of 24's nine seasons and continued with a discussion about filming in London, Jack Bauer, and even the possibility of a movie. Check out the highlights! Who's Here : Kiefer Sutherland (Jack) Jon Cassar (Director) Highlights from the Panel: "It was difficult. They have a lot of rules. The gun thing was a... more

Reign: 'Reign' Comic-Con 2014 Spoilers: Plague Deaths, Threats and ...

The Reign stars Adelaine Kane, Toby Regbo, Megan Follows and Executive Producer  Laurie McCarthy stopped by San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the upcoming season 2. They spilled on the plague, troubles after Henry's death, the baby and more. Young Royals Reign season 2 is about two young royals being married and learning how to live and rule. Henry's out of the picture, so it''s King Francis and Queen Mary's time. Francis will keep the truth about his father a secret and deal with th... more

Hemlock Grove: Eli Roth, Madeleine Martin and Madeline Brewer Discuss Seaso...

The Netflix original series 'Hemlock Grove' now officially has two seasons out for the viewing pleasure of anyone with a taste for horror and a couple days to spare glued to their computers. The unique format that Netflix provides for its shows, witheach season being released all at once, provides not only a distinctive viewing experience but an unmatched creative process for those involved in making the show. Season two of 'Hemlock Grove' premiered last Friday, and now that we have all ha... more

Big Brother (UK): Big Brother UK: Ex-Housemate Kimberley Reveals Why She Walke...

Following Kimberly’s shock exit from the house on Friday, she joined Emma Willis, Lauren Harries, Adam Rickitt and ex-Housemate Danielle on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side for her first interview. Kimberly walked down the stairs to rapturous applause wearing a fake baby bump which she worked to the max, stopping on the stairs and holding it as Emma asked if there were any hot towels! Emma started the interview by showing a VT of Kimberly’s worst bits and then by asking her if she was feeling OK. Kim... more

Family Guy: "No Freakin' Way" Family Guy/Simpsons Extended Trailer Lands...

A new extended trailer of the much-anticipated 'Family Guy' /'The Simpsons' crossover episode has debuted on Entertainment Weekly's YouTube channel. The five minute clip features footage of scenes between Bart and Stewie and a cutaway scene featuring Homer, Peter and a surprise guest from another FOX Animation Domination show, Bob from 'Bob' s Burgers' . The episode will be the first in the 13th season of 'Family Guy' , set to air September 28th. The clip can be wat... more




Murder In The Firs

Episode 8, Season 1

Under the Dome

Episode 5, Season 2

Teen Wolf

Episode 6, Season 4


Episode 9, Season 3

Hotel Hell

Episode 2, Season 2


The Fosters

Episode 7, Season 2

Major Crimes

Episode 8, Season 3

The Listener

Episode 10, Season 5

Hit The Floor

Episode 10, Season 2

Love Child

Episode 1, Season 1


The Bachelorette

Episode 12, Season 10

Switched at Birth

Episode 18, Season 3

The Bachelorette

Episode 13, Season 10


Episode 10, Season 5

Falling Skies

Episode 6, Season 4