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Big Brother: Episode #29 - Live...
Season 16, Episode 29: " Episode #29 - Live Eviction #10 ... "

Tonight the 10th Eviction of the summer took place live. Donny was voted out of the house after being up on the Block for his 7th time which is a NEW Big Brother record. He was voted out unanimously by a vote of 5... more

Big Brother: The Search for Som...
Season 1, Episode 8: " BB1 Ep #8 "

Dare you to move... If you don't know what moment these lyrics are referring to...then you need to brush up on you One Tree Hill fan trivia! Or you desperately need to be joining us for this OTH Rewind. In c... more

Satisfaction: A Risk Worth Takin...
Season 1, Episode 7: " ...Through Terms and Conditions "

  • A Risk Worth Taking
    It was another stellar episode that pulled away from the Truman's extracur...
  • Tequila People
    There isn't a show currently on the air that examines the human condition ...

It was another stellar episode that pulled away from the Truman's extracurricular activities while they were reminded about what's important to them -- each other. In Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 Neil fina... more

Project Runway: Here Comes a New K...
Season 13, Episode 6: " It's a Nice Day for a Rock Weddi... "

Still reeling from last week's double elimination? As rough as it was, it did seem like the right challenge to send two people home on. Most of them crashed and burned when trying to design for Heidi, but let's hope... more

Big Brother: Donny vs. Nicole (...
Season 16, Episode 29: " Episode #29 - Live Eviction #10 ... "

Two weeks ago on Big Brother 16, Donny and Nicole sat next to each other on Thursday night, with Nicole being evicted by a unanimous vote. Tonight they find themselves on the block again following Nicole's return to... more





Doctor Who

Episode 2, Season 8

Hell on Wheels

Episode 5, Season 4


Episode 4, Season 1


Episode 2, Season 1


Episode 4, Season 1



Episode 6, Season 27

The Last Ship

Episode 10, Season 1

The Strain

Episode 7, Season 1

The Leftovers

Episode 9, Season 1

Witches of East En

Episode 7, Season 2



2014 MTV Video Music Awards: List of Winners and Memorable M...

It's time once again for MTV to honor videos that most people probably viewed on YouTube. This year, the show seemed to be cursed given Iggy Azalea's non-intentional stage dive at an MTV benefit concert, a slithering prop going all When Animals Attack on one of Nicki Minaj's dancers and, most dramatically, the reported shooting of Suge Knight. But like they say, "The show must go on." The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards literally got started with a bang; more specifically, the Top 10 hit "Bang Ba... more

Modern Family: 2014 Emmy Awards: The Most Memorable Moments

Seth Meyers kicked off the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards with the traditional comedic monologue. In a perfect world, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would always host awards shows, but Meyers was entertaining. The Emmys airing on a Monday, the ever-increasing nominations for cable shows and now Netflix, and the often confusing and controversial nominations ( OITNB as a comedy?) were the source of his better jokes. His best zinger by far? When he threw some shade at his own network, NBC. "Congratulations to HBO. The... more

The Emmy Awards: 2014 Emmy Award Winners | Live Emmys Results Coverage

Thanks for tuning into our live coverage of the 2014 Emmy Awards! The show started at 8pm live on NBC, but check back here to get news on Emmy wins and results in real time! Live Coverage of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards   Host Seth Meyers is really killing it with these jokes in his opening monologue. Is he a better host than Jimmy Kimmel? 2014 Emmy Award Winners & Results Supporting Actor in a Comedy Happy to see Ty Burrell of Modern Family win for the second time! Comedy Series Writing 6th Emmy... more

Dexter: 2014 Emmy Awards Live Blog

It's the biggest night of the year for TV fans, the 2014 Emmy Awards. Hosted by Seth Meyers and airing on a Monday in August, this year's awards are highly unusual, but will the winners be the usual suspects or a lot of fresh blood? On the Drama side, this is the final year for Breaking Bad at the Emmys, but will the critically acclaimed HBO "series" True Detective make it a not-so-fond farewell for Walter White? Can Mad Men finally snap it's epic losing streak, as the former awards champion ... more

Person of Interest: 'Person of Interest' Interview: Jim Caviezel and EP Greg Pla...

Finch and his team will be facing a new threat in Person of Interest Season 4. They won't be entirely focused on helping the "number" of the week, but bringing down the nefarious Samaritan. The challenge will be more difficult since they have to remain hidden under their new aliases and lives.   Executive Producer Greg Plageman and star Jim Caviezel teased a new dynamic on the series for season 4 while talking to reporters at San Diego Comic-Con.Check out the video interview and highlights below. ... more




Masters of Illusio

Episode 5, Season 2

You're the Worst

Episode 7, Season 1


Episode 7, Season 1


Episode 7, Season 1

Garfunkel & Oates

Episode 4, Season 1



Episode 7, Season 1

Project Runway

Episode 6, Season 13

The Quest

Episode 5, Season 1


Episode 13, Season 2


Episode 12, Season 2


The Quest

Episode 6, Season 1

Big Brother

Episode 29, Season 16

Hand Of God

Episode 1, Season 1


Episode 1, Season 1

The Cosmopolitans

Episode 1, Season 1