Doctor Who: In the Forest of t...
Season 8, Episode 10: " In the Forest of the Night "

  • Closing Time
    At Sanderson & Grainger, a London department store, the lights flicker outsid...
  • The Wedding of River Song
    London, 5:02 p.m., 22nd April 2011 Steam trains run across the city as hot-a...

A young girl, Maebh Arden, runs through a forest. She comes to the TARDIS and knocks on the door, and the Doctor looks out. Maebh says that she's lost and asks for help, but the Doctor dismisses her until he notices... more

Grimm: Thanks for the Mem...
Season 4, Episode 1: " Thanks for the Memories "

Knowledge is Power. The injured Renard is wheeled into the ER and the doctors try to keep him alive. In the SUV, Hank gets word that Renard is in surgery and tells the others. Trubel describes how Weston shot Rena... more

Constantine: Non Est Asylum
Season 1, Episode 1: " Non Est Asylum "

At Ravenscar Asylum in Northern England, John Constantine tells the doctors attending him to make sure that the restraint straps are tight. She then puts a protective mouthpiece in Constantine's mouth and administer... more

Constantine: Series Premiere J...
Season 1, Episode 1: " Non Est Asylum "

Based on the DC Comics' character, the series premiere of NBC's Constantine took viewers on one Hellblazer of a ride.Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark ArtsConstantine wastes no time in introducing it's ... more

The Amazing Race: One Team is Accuse...
Season 25, Episode 5: " Morocc’ and Roll: Leg #5 - Cop... "

Last time on The Amazing Race, we saw some teams melt down as another team's performance level went way, way down. Nici fell on her way to the mat, and had a melt-down after bickering with her mother, Shelley, durin... more





Faking It

Episode 5, Season 2


Episode 3, Season 3


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Episode 5, Season 4

The Affair

Episode 3, Season 1


Madame Secretary

Episode 6, Season 1

Once Upon a Time

Episode 5, Season 4

Boardwalk Empire

Episode 8, Season 5

Family Guy

Episode 3, Season 13

The Walking Dead

Episode 3, Season 5



The Syndicate (UK): Lenny Henry, Anthony Andrews & Elizabeth Berrington Lead Cas...

Anthony Andrews , Lenny Henry and Elizabeth Berrington will lead the all-star cast for the third series of 'The Syndicate' . The series come from the BAFTA award-winning writer Kay Mellor who has created such shows as 'Band Of Gold' , 'Fat Friends' , 'A Passionate Woman' and most recently, 'In The Club' . Lenny Henry says: “I'm delighted to be filming series 3 of The Syndicate – I've been a big fan of Kay Mellor 's since Band Of Gold and Playing the... more

Coronation Street: 'Coronation Street' Character to Make Return To The Cobbles ...

'Coronation Street' character Jenny Bradley has been confirmed to be returning to the Street. The character was Rita Fairclough’s foster daughter and daughter of Alan Bradley. Jenny arrived on the street in 1986 to come and live with Rita after her mother Pat died in a road accident. Jenny had lived most of her teenage years in the Street under Alan and Rita’s watchful eyes. She was a troublesome teenager with wayward behaviour. Jenny had always supported her father after Alan had assaulted ... more

Sons of Anarchy: 'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Does Gemma Confess to Killing Tara?

In this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, "Greensleeves," Jax finds a use for Juice. Gemma's paranoia about Jax finding out all her secrets continues to grow. Nero want out of Diosa. Jax is convinced he has a way to get Marks out of the way for good. And someone finds out that Gemma killed Tara. Big shocker! Young Abel is becoming slightly maladjusted. Since standing over his little brother threatening anyone who encroached with a hammer, things have only seemed to go downhill. Mama Wendy voices... more

Parenthood: 'Parenthood' Recap: Crosby's Downward Spiral and Amber's Dat...

Zeek continues to recover from his surgery, Julia continues her new relationship, and Amber tries to start a new one herself in Parenthood's "The Scale of Attraction is Fluid." Max's Big Crush Kristina and Adam deal with Max's interest in Dylan more on this episode of NBC's  Parenthood, but they have different opinions on how to pursue the subject. Adam tells Max the key is to have and discuss common interests, and he encourages his son to pursue Dylan. Kristina, on the other hand, is n... more

Resurrection: 'Resurrection' Recap: What Secret Does Margaret Know?

Marty turned in the bones of the newly recovered Returned to his government boss, in order to view his corpse, in the previous episode of Resurrection. His reaction was one of pure horror, rather than the closure he was hoping for. I am sure he is also hoping that Maggie will forgive him for having the bones taken away. This week's episode of Resurrection, "Old Scars," begins with a red-headed man in a leg brace running through the woods, with a group of men and dogs in hot pursuit. The group is dres... more




Survivor's Remorse

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Episode 14, Season 27

Doctor Who

Episode 10, Season 8

The Birthday Boys

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Z Nation

Episode 7, Season 1

Blue Bloods

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Hawaii Five-0

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America's Next Top...

Episode 10, Season 21


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The Amazing Race

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Last Man Standing

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On the Menu

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